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What's the difference between TEFL and TESOL?

There is no difference, it just depends on the awarding body. TEFL means Teaching English as a Foreign Language, TESOL means Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages.

I�m new to the world of TEFL! Which course should I take?

Some courses I�ve seen are only 40 hours in length. I want to make sure I�m properly qualified to teach worldwide, are these 40 hour courses sufficient for this?

In short, no. To be qualified to teach you need a course of 100 hours minimum.

I fulfil the eligibility criteria for the certificate in TEFL 100 hour course. How do I make sure that the course I apply for is going to be recognised?

Again, always make sure the course is accredited. It this is the case you know that an external accrediting body has scrutinised the course and declared it to be a course of substance. If there is no accreditation by an independent accrediting body that means nobody apart from the course provider has looked at the course materials. It could have been written by anyone!

I have scoured the internet and found quite a few �accrediting bodies� for TEFL. Are they all genuine? How can I tell?

The accrediting body must be independent of the course provider. If the accrediting body is genuinely independent that means that the course provider and the accrediting body will not share an office, any staff, address, email, phone or fax number. If the �accrediting body� accredits only one course provider (even if they don�t openly share an office, staff etc) the course provider and the �accrediting body� are more than likely one and the same.

I have a few questions but can�t contact the course provider by phone, either no one picks up or I am always connected to an answer machine, what should I do?

Give it a few tries and then try a different course provider. If you can�t contact them now, how will you feel if your course materials arrive and you want to speak to someone? Trust your instincts when it comes to choosing a course provider.

I want to check out the accrediting body but there is no phone number� what does this mean?

Be very careful. By all means check on the accrediting body�s website, but anyone can create a website. Genuine independent accrediting bodies always have a phone number.

I want to pick up a bit of teaching work while I�m travelling, possibly volunteer work; do I need to take a course? If so, which course should I take?

You will feel much more confident teaching and will find it much easier to get work if you have completed a TEFL course of 100 hours or more.

I�m new to TEFL. How do I know if it�s for me?

Take a 100 hour certificate with an accredited course provider. If you find it isn�t for you, you will not have wasted a large sum of money, if you find it is for you, what you have learned will have been invaluable.

I have no degree or academic record, but I�m going to live overseas and I�ve been asked to teach English. How can I get qualified?

You need an accredited Certificate in TEFL to be qualified to teach.

A course provider has told me that I don�t need to take a certificate and that because I have a degree I can go straight for a diploma. Is this true?

An independently accredited course provider should not mislead you. You qualify with a Certificate. When you have been teaching with a Certificate for a period of at least one year you can, if you wish, further your knowledge by taking a Diploma. You do not take a Diploma first. You do not take a Diploma in place of a Certificate. A Diploma is a high level course and you will not understand the content or the terminology unless you have already studied for a Certificate and you have been teaching. If a course provider has tried to sell you a Diploma because you are a graduate or because you have some �life experience� check their accreditation. A course provider who is accredited by an independent accrediting body would not be misinforming you.

What will my working hours be once I have found a job?

It will depend on where it is you have a job and who you are working for. Average working hours are usually about 40 hours a week.

Can you help me find a job?

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What exactly is the job of my tutor?

Your tutor will mark your work promptly whilst offering you support and guidance should you need it. They are there for you if you have any questions about the course, making your distance learning experience one that is invaluable.

Why should I choose an online course?

There are many reasons! Flexibility is the keyword:

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